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Spring Up Your Life!

There's a little boutique in the town that I live in called Ophelia. On the corner of the street with marble pillars and big bright windows. Windows with mannequins in little dresses and skirts and pants. It is almost never crowded and always beautiful. And in the window for weeks upon weeks, I stared at this particular dress in the window. I showed my mom when we drove past together, I gawked at it when shopping with a friend. She bought a maroon jumpsuit and I sighed because of my two dollars and that little dress that seemed to taunt me.

So I went back to that boutique on the corner at the beginning of March. I ran to the last dress that I saw, a large LAST CHANCE sign hanging near it. It was a small, and I was so upset! but the lovely girl working that day showed me a mannequin that was in the window who was wearing that dress. She was wearing MY dress, because it was my size and I was way too excited about that. So of course I bought it!

One of my sweet best friends is a pretty stellar photographer, if I do say so myself. So this past Saturday, we decided to go out and about taking pictures in this dress. Don't worry, I got him that free Panera lemonade. We also took photos for an art project, and you just have to know that those turned out amazing!

This dress is figure flattering and so stunning on. The color blocking element of the dress is one of the elements that I love most about it. It is just amazing. Millennial pink pink sleeves, yellow torso, black collar and skirt. And GUESS. WHAT?! The dress ties together in the back in a little bow that, if you ask me, just makes it so much cuter. Why is everything so much better with a bow?!

This dress gives me some Mid-Century Modern vibes. Maybe it's the high collar or the sleeves, or even the shape and fit of the dress. Let's just say that it's all of it combined! I decided to pair the dress with a yellow purse from Old Navy. I also paired it with a pair of nude wedges. They're my mom's and she was in Australia in the time that we took these photos, so SHH don't tell her.

We took a few photos in a local Chocolate shop called Sweetheart Chocolates. And it was just too cute! Small and quaint and it smelled like all things yummy and delicious. We bought the chocolate covered oreos which are personal favorites of mine!

This is seriously the perfect dress for Springtime. I already have planned to wear it for three other events and, like, can those happen now? I just want to live in this dress!

Shoutout to my bestie Ryan for tolerating me, taking pictures of me, and also buying those oreos. And thank you Sweetheart Chocolates for letting us take pictures in your store!



PHEW. February. Like, what? Twenty-eight days that I thought would never end. It's the shortest month, yet it felt like the longest! Here, I was still getting back into a routine of work and school and socializing. Which, I'm still working on. I feel like January is always a trial month and then February is REAL. Which, meh. This can either really work in your advantage or not.

February is the month of love and red and hugs and kisses and chocolates and all of the boys that decided to suddenly ghost me! Just kidding, but really(I'm not salty at all). A lot of new things came into my life that I decided to keep around for my own personal enjoyment.

I didn't do January favorites and I almost didn't write my February faves. But like I said, January is not real! It's an illusion! A trial month! February is real, let's get down to business. So here are my February faves!

gif from awesomelytechie.com

The first favorite of mine that I just have to mention is my favorite read of the month. For February, my library does "blind date with a book," where you pick out a book that is covered up based on the little quote written in paper. I picked up "It was a pleasure to burn." I was like oh em gee this is going to be some sappy sweet Rainbow Rowell/ John Green esque ish. But no, it was Fahrenheit 451!

I had been meaning to pick it up and read it for awhile, and it was like fate. Valentine's Day brought us together. It very quickly became one of my favorite books of all time. I just couldn't put it down! Whenever a book does that for me, it's definitely a keeper.

Obviously, I have been quite the fan of red this year. February was no exception. It was deemed as normal to wear red from head to toe, and I was very happy about that.  Lipstick, nail polish. Dresses, flannels, sweaters, t-shirts. I love red! It's romantic and sexy, feminine and elegant. You can be absolutely anything in red.

And you no what else is pretty awesome? My JORD Watch!! So as not to bore you, I'll just leave it at this; BEST. WATCH. EVER. So sleek, stylish, and fun. Goes with everything, makes me feel like the first lady or something. If you're interested in learning more (and you should be!!!) you can check out the full review/giveaway here.

I've also really been in love with Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks this month. Which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I mean come on. They last, they're beautiful, and cruelty free! My favorite shade to rock is Nathan from the family collection. 

Still on the topic of makeup, I have a new favorite highlighter. It's hard not to please me in the highlighter department. If it's shiny, I'm buying. Gifted to me by a dear friend (Shout out to you, Jennie), Hippo from ColourPop is seriously EVERYTHING. My skin looks glowy and lit from within. It's almost that silky wet look and omg it's amazing.

Those are just a few of the things that I loved in my February. I would love to hear about your favorite things! Is it an eye shadow, a pair of socks, a soundtrack? Here's to many more favorites in March and beyond.


The BEST Women's Watch For Spring Time

**Sponsored by JORD Watches. All opinions are solely my own- That's What Grace Said.**

I've never been a watch girl. Ever. I could never find a watch that suited my personal style, so I just opted to avoid watches all together. Too formal. Too "manly". Too bulky.

And then, JORD Watches waltzed into my life.

Shoutout to my man Tony, who was the one that approached me to send me a JORD watch. As a slow growing blog platform, I check my emails every day just to see if anyone is willing to work with me. And that fateful day that Tony contacted me on behalf of JORD, I was so ecstatic!

Perfect for men and women, JORD has styles, designs and colors for literally anyone and everyone under the sun. Because JORD's watches start at such a reasonable price, you could gift arm candy to any one of your friends and family members, any time of the year.

I picked a watch from the Frankie Series, all decked out in Purpleheart wood *swoon* & Plum. I have to say, I couldn't have picked a better watch! It's the perfect statement piece that is also casual and toned down just enough to rock with absolutely anything. Dresses, leggings, t-shirts, jeans. Dressed up or dressed down.

Since this watch is so effortlessly beautiful, I thought that I would pair it with an effortlessly beautiful outfit, trying to keep the watch at the forefront of the look. The bright pinks and corals of the kimono pair nicely with the plummy pinkness of the Frankie watch.

Against a black bodysuit, a nice pair of jeans, and a necklace to balance out the accessories, this watch is absolutely everything. The floral Kimono really ties everything together, and in my humble opinion, makes the watch pop just that extra bit. Your eye is drawn to that purpleheart wood because it is a simple breath against the chaos of the floral.

I am so so happy with my JORD Watch, and guess what?! You could have the chance to win a $100 gift code to use on JORD's website! Isn't that amazing? The bummer is, only one lucky person will win that code. But all who enter will get a 10% off discount once the giveaway closes, and that is just as sweet. So, what are you waiting for?! Don't you want to spruce up your wardrobe with a new watch?!

You can enter this amazing giveaway here. The giveaway will close 3/18/2018 at 11:59 pm. Both the $100 gift code and the 10% off discount codes will be expire May 6th, 2018.

Luxury Wooden Watch

We NEED To Talk

Eighteen school shootings in the year 2018. It is now February sixteenth.There has been one full month of the year, and eighteen school shootings. Children, teachers. Faculty, teenagers. Gone at the pull of a trigger. Screaming. Texting parents their goodbyes. Locking themselves into closets for safety, playing dead for safety.

photo via We Resist, Facebook.

I try to stay in my lane as best as I can. I am passionate and strong willed, though, and so that comes as a bit of a challenge to me. I get into Twitter fights with strangers, Facebook quarrels with family members. I debate with family, talk with friends. Everything ends with that "okay, that's your opinion and I respect that" sort of vibe. We move on with our lives. But this. I can't sit on my hands any longer. I can't bite my tongue.

Let me say it again just in case you might have forgotten.


When will it be enough? How many teachers have to die? How many children do we have to lose? How many parents need to grieve? When is it ENOUGH?

I am so pained and heartbroken. The first school shooting that I vividly remember is the Sandy Hook shooting back in 2012. I was eleven years old. I saw the big words scrawling across the screen on CNN; BREAKING NEWS. I didn't know what it meant. I mean, sure. I could piece it together. A school. An elementary school. A shooting. Someone had gone in to shoot someone with their gun. Okay. I watched. Twenty eight people, dead. Gone. Children, for crying out loud! They would never get to see their parents again. 

I had never seen anything as scary as that. Surely, that was just a one time thing. And then, I grew up. My eyes opened. I saw, and continue to see, all of the scary things that go on in the world daily. There have been nearly 300 school shootings since 2013 ALONE!!!!

Every time there is a mass shooting of some sort, we come back to this one political hot topic. To gun control or to not gun control? That is the question. We are always talking, but no one is listening. And why is that? Why are our voices not being heard? Are the deceased LGBT club goers not enough? Are the injured school children not enough? 

I am not here to tell you what your political standing on this particular topic should be. I am just simply stating that it starts somewhere. It starts with someone. It can end with someone, too.

Scott Beigel.
Alyssa Alhadeff. 

Martin Duque Anguiano. 
Nicholas Dworet. 
Aaron Feis. 

Jaime Guttenberg. 
Christopher Hixon.
Luke Hoyer.

Cara Loughran.
Gina Montalto.
Joaquin Oliver.
Alaina Petty.
Meadow Pollack.
Helena Ramsay.
Alex Schachter.
Carmen Schentrup.
 Peter Wang.

My heart goes out to the families. Those that lost brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, fathers. Your loved ones are sparks and we will not stop until those sparks are a fire of justice.