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My People Dress Me For A Week

You know those special days when ideas are just flowing like they are meant to and you are excited for the future content of your blog? The day that this idea struck me was one of those days. I decided that I wanted my bestest, closest, most admired friends to choose my outfits for an entire week. Much like those buzzfeed articles, those YouTube videos, but in my real life. I was going to go through the week, wearing outfits that my people had proposed, hopefully not complaining or freezing my butt off.

There were no rules, really. My friends were told to dress me in whatever they wanted to see me in. Whatever they thought I would look good in, whatever they wanted to put me in to push my stylistic envelope. It was a cold week and that was a big hurdle to jump over for most of the candidates.

Sunday's outfit was by Emilee Goldsmith. Emilee is a sophomore and we dance at the studio together. She's been a close friend of mine for a while now. She took me back to church again when I needed it, and we love to sing Seasons Of Love in the car together. So, like, an A1.

She probably had the warmest day of the week, but she had dressed me as though it was thirty degrees. And that was totally fine for me! Honestly, I would never ever wear this outfit. Like, ever. It's not my style. The sweater she had picked out, a cranberry XL sweater from Old Navy, had been pushed to the back of my closet as my style evolved and my sizing went down. She paired it with a red blanket scarf, light wash denim jeans, and brown boots. I feel like the boots give me duck feet, but maybe that's just me. 

I think Emilee did a pretty good job picking this outfit. Mostly because it was pushing the envelope of stuff that I would wear. I would call this outfit a mom outfit because I'm pretty sure I've seen every mom wear this at least once. It's a little too subdued for my actual style, but it was a nice change for my usually crazy and outgoing self.

One of my best friends, Emily Gosling, had the privilege of dressing me on Monday. Emily isn't my longest friend. In fact, I've literally known her since May 23rd of this year. But it's a well-known fact that I just trust her with my life, and my fashion.

Emily pretty much dressed me like herself on Monday. It was a chilly day and I had a radio interview for The Nutcracker Ballet. She put me in a denim skirt and a turtleneck, adidas on my feet and hoops in my ears. A wrist scrunchie just in case.

This was the outfit that I met my new pup Elvis in. There was an ice storm coming and my mom made me put sweatpants in the car just in case we were to get stuck on the highway. Spoiler alert: we didn't.

But I would totally wear this outfit again! It's cute and simple and I could do so many things. An interview, a job. School. A funeral. You name it, this outfit could probably do it.

Tuesday was Parker Bowman's day. The boneman. To make a long story short, I love this boy. A lot. He and his friends took part in the spring production at our dance studio, and the rest is history. Will I marry him someday? Fingers crossed.

Any way, Parker had to dress me on a day that I didn't have class. And I was totally thinking he was going to have me turn out some looks because I would consider him very stylish. But he decided to put me in leggings and a sweatshirt. "Bingo." My mom was judging this outfit hardcore. Even SHE expected more from the actual love of my life. (Also, I should stop calling him that to save us all.)

Parker claimed that his outfit wouldn't be the coolest, but it would be the comfiest. And he was right. It was a great relaxing day outfit. A good ole nap outfit. All I had to do on that Tuesday was head to rehearsal for the musical, and I was totally fine. Splits were allowed. It was a great time.

Humpday was for Ryan Fuemmeler. Ryan has been one of my best friends for so long. He is sweet, funny, kind. He keeps me on my toes. He pushes me forward. He calls me out on my BS and keeps me in line and honestly, if he wasn't around, I don't know what I would do.

So, I knew his outfit was going to be popping. And it was, really. He dressed me in an outfit that he had seen me wear once before that he loved. The only problem was it was freaking FREEZING on Wednesday. We were expecting snow. I think my midriff got frostbite and my thighs got all weird and tingly. But I was serving. My makeup looked good, I felt good. My windbreaker from Goodwill did everything but actually break the wind that day, but it was fine. It was fine because Ryan said I looked good. He even apologized for freezing me out.

The Thursday outfit was brought to you by none other than Hunter Reece. I met her in the first play that I was ever a part of, and really, she is one of my best friends. She is so much fun to be around, and I couldn't imagine my life without her at this point.

And that's why I feel SO BAD that she got a snow day!! She would've popped on such a cute and good look if it wasn't for that meddling snow. She wanted to keep me comfy since we didn't have class, and since I didn't have a matching tracksuit like she so wanted, she put me in sweats and my comfiest sweatshirt. And that was that.

I will say, I definitely was comfy. I definitely popped on a nap. I want Hunter to have a good ole chance and pick a good class outfit because I know that she isn't always sweats and sweatshirts for me. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

My Best Friend Abby Jent was in charge of Friday's outfit. Abby and I have been through a lot together. Prom and summer and car rides and boys and everything in between. She's my rock, really.

So before I explain this outfit, I have to tell you she was almost CUT from the week. She wanted to dress me like 2010. T-shirt and skinny scarf. Bootcut jeans. Flats. Actual high school musical garbage. I cried a bit and she caved. And that's how you work your tears.

 Anyway, we were going to see the High School play and she wanted to keep me casual and cute. And really, that's exactly what I got. I loved this outfit, probably because I've worn it once before. Mom jeans from goodwill and a cute choker collared sweater, with a necklace that says baby girl. Black booties, which I seem to always wear to every production where I am the audience member. She wanted my hair straight and she wanted my makeup to be the star, and I think that we definitely accomplished that.

This outfit is definitely great for all sorts of things, too. It makes me feel good and makes me feel cute while still remaining simple. Of course, I would wear this outfit again.

Bridget Bone was in charge of Saturday's outfit, which I didn't actually get around to wearing until Wednesday of the next week. Bridget is a sophomore but she's still my freshie. She is one of my closest sisters. She's welcomed me into her life and her home and I want her mom to adopt me secretly.

Bridget wanted me to look, and I quote, "I want kinda sexy and also subtle and such. Maybe fishnets?" So that's what we did. I popped fishnets on under a pair of holey high waisted jeans. Bridget loves me in red, so I did a red crop top and a black belt.

Okay, omg. I seriously love this outfit. So much. Like, Bridget really did that. Abby Jent, who is one of Bridget's closest friends (we're all in a group together) was surprised to see that this was a Bridget look. It was so cute! I got so many compliments at school. It was one of my favorites to wear.

So to wrap it all up, I had a lot of fun during that week. Really, I did. There were so many different styles to sport.

Through polls, the favorite outfit was Abby Jent's look. That didn't surprise me. I think it was the most flattering on me, and it didn't push the envelope for the viewers too much. My personal favorite, though, had to have been the Bridget look. Like, I would totally wear that again. It was so stinking cute!

Would I do this again? Absolutely. Maybe in the summer, maybe with different people involved. I just love to see how people want me to dress. I love the variety in style and I love that each person was so eager to go ahead and do this little experiment with me. It was so much fun!


Vote For Me: Midterm Elections 2018

Photo by Mirah Curzer on Unsplash
I am seventeen years old. I haven't voted in any elections just yet, except for a mock 2008 presidential election in my 2nd grade class. That year I voted for John McCain because that was who my dad was voting for and I secretly wanted to be favored. Barack Obama surprisingly won the school election, which was strange for my Midwestern, small town, predominantly white elementary school.

Then, my seven year old self didn't really care about politics. I was too busy singing Taylor Swift on the playground. Too busy making mud pies when it rained. And, I mean, that's how it should be. Politics were always an adult thing to me. I never heard of teenagers getting revved up or emotional because Barack Obama was elected a second term. Then again, just ten years ago, everything was different. Politics weren't force-fed to us. We weren't drowning in what Trump just tweeted and what harmful executive order was going into effect next.

But now, here we are.

I am seventeen years old. I haven't voted in any elections yet, and there is a fairly important one happening very soon. If you ask me, midterms are more important than presidential elections. 35 seats of our 100 Senate seats are up for grabs. the 435 Representative spots are also up for election. Do you know what these numbers mean?

For Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives, a total of 23 seats would needed to be gained. To have the majority in the Senate, just two seats would be needed. And this doesn't seem too difficult, that is, until you look at our numbers.

The House. The Senate. The President. We are swimming in a sea of red. This would be fine and just, if it wasn't the most conservative, crazy, right-leaning Republicans with the majority. So, I'm telling you to vote.

Actually, I'm begging you. Please go vote. The executive branch is so so important, and we are lucky enough to now have the right to vote those in that we believe should represent us, our country, and our ideals. It wasn't always that way. The Senate was a millionaire boys' club, with officials elected via state legislatures. We now have and hold this power, and I think we so often take it for granted.

When you go vote, think of me. Think of your children, your grandchildren, your friend's children. It's their future that you're voting for, their future you're electing. You are holding the clay and it starts with you. Vote for me. Please vote for me. When you vote, think of the Senators and Representatives that I will have to look up to. Think of everything that could affect me, my future, and my rights. And then vote. Vote for me.


Curtain Calling

When I was thirteen years old, I saw my first Broadway show. Kinky Boots, an astounding show with an incredible story and an even better soundtrack. The show was fun for me because I was just starting to get into my love for the drag culture, and it was even more fun because I was experiencing it with one of my best friends. She was an experienced theater-goer and this wasn't her first rodeo, but it sure was mine.

It was a crazy experience. You know that feeling you get when you walk into Disney World and you see Main Street USA? Or when you watch a crazy cool firework display on the Fourth of July? Yeah, that's exactly how I felt. Wide-eyed, unable to contain my toothy grin. I was a proper Carol Channing while watching that performance of Sex Is In the Heel.

I sat there in my seat during the performance, and I just felt something. A yearning and a beckoning. These people were on stage right in front of me! I felt like I was a part of something big and grand and miraculous. I cried with the characters and I laughed, and it was safe to say that the actors had done their jobs. I left the Fox and I downloaded the soundtrack, but I still wanted more!

I have always loved musicals and musical theatre. But I had only ever seen movies. Only ever listened to soundtracks via my iPhone. I only had watered down interpretations of what this was actually like. It was rather safe to say that I WANTED THAT. I wanted to be a part of that! I had this calling and it was ringing in the back of my measureless mind. And it grew even louder through Tony award shows and through Hamilton, and through all of the Broadway Review shows that I had performed in at my dance studio. (Oh, and that one time we did Hairspray. I'm still in love with that.)

So, I finally auditioned for a show at the beginning of August. I wore a white t-shirt and a denim skirt and red lipstick, because one of my dance teachers once told me that red was good for an audition. It's eye catching! And that's what I was going for.

I. Was. So. Nervous.

I read for the character of God (Yeah, you heard me right) and I tried to make the blurb about the Virgin Mary as funny as possible. And it must've worked, because I was cast in the show, An Act Of God. I really could not believe it! The day that I found out, it was raining, but nothing could rain on my parade. It was a good, good day. My first audition, my first show. Every other time that I had been on stage, I had been dancing. This would be my first time with actual lines and I was so ecstatic.

To make things much cheesier and much more High School Musical, it was the start of something new. I was in rehearsals almost every night of the week. I was learning and having fun with this new group of people that I got to call my friends. The theater was a new safe space and safe haven for me; another place to express myself and another place to  learn and grow. I felt my plans for the future start to change.

I'm the kind of person that falls in love so fast. And that is exactly what happened with the theatre. I just wanted to be there everyday! It was a longing that I hadn't felt since I had started ballet classes in Kindergarten. I didn't think anything could even try to compare to my love for dance, but yet there we were.

An Act Of God was my first show. I got to be back stage with one of my fast-growing best friends, Hunter. On opening night, my knees were shaking and I thought that I was definitely going to throw up the Monster energy drink that I had downed just before. But I forbore. I got a "Love you, good luck" hug from Hunter, who was playing God that evening. I got a bouquet of flowers and a pack of Reese's from sweet fourteen year old Addy, who was the second cast's God. People in the audience laughed. They laughed! I think that was the most fun of it all. To know that as a cast, you could provoke a reaction. Any kind of reaction. It was so much fun.

Love you, Good Luck.
There are so many good things about that show. It made me realize how much I love the Theatre. How much I want to be apart of it. How much it has impacted my life in such a short amount of time. It's brought new opportunities and people and friendships. And I will forever be grateful for that calling.


Social Media: The SILENT KILLER

In this day and age, it's hard not to have social media. I mean, come on. Everything is online! We get our news from the Internet. We get our family updates and our 8 year old buddy's birthday party invitations via Facebook. Most of the laughs that equip my friend cliques come from Tweets. My recipes come from Pinterest, especially when I'm feeling super healthy. My best photos can be found on my Instagram, though a whole bunch of my cutest selfies live in the archives of my Snapchat memories.

So, if there are so many good and fun things about Social Media, how could it possibly be silently killing us all? Easy. Everything has balance. When there is one good, there is one bad. One Yin, one Yang.

I know how extreme it sounds, calling Social Media the silent killer of my generation. But it's true. Through the social media platforms of today, there is so much love and light. But there is also so much hatred and so much evil and so so so much ugly. Which really freaking sucks! The Internet was such a cool idea. Really, big ole shout out to whoever decided that social media platforms would be a great way to stay in touch and see a different side of people's lives.

But also; what the heck, man?! It is hard enough with to struggle with a mental illness. But sure, go ahead. Add the comparison and toxicity of 7 billion people on top of it why don't you.

It's hard to explain, hard to actually find the words to describe how I feel on the topic. I'm addicted to social media. Yeah, I'll say it. Hello, my name's Grace and I'm a Social Media Addict. Shocker! A seventeen year old high school student with an Internet addiction. Never heard of that before.

Really though, it's hard. Everything is so much harder with the Internet and the access to social media.

There is more fighting over one's political views, and it's always much more hateful because people feel that they can get away with their slurs. There's more comparison. I am always wondering why my life isn't picture perfect and pristine like every Instagram model's. Does she even have bad hair days or bad mental days? Why don't I have a potted succulent?

Everything is at your fingertips. You can diagnose your bad days as a crippling clinical disorder. Why is there so much evil in the news? Obviously, young children are exposed to social media and the Internet far too early. We've seen children take their own lives too many times for this not to be an issue that we talk about. Where are they learning this? Why were they pushed so close to the edge, that suicide was the answer?

Social Media Anxiety is so real. The comparison is so real. There are so many comparisons every single day. In the beginning of my childhood, there was comparison. Of course there was, there always will be. But with the rise of the Internet came a new ideal for unreachable perfection. One that we all strive for. And, if you are a perfectionist like me, it's hard when you don't hit that level of unreachable perfection. Why can't my skin be edited to perfection? Why do I live in a small town in Missouri and not a penthouse in beautiful New York? Why am I not as happy as everyone on the Internet seems to be?

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a reason why my life doesn't look like theirs? Should I always be smiling, and is something wrong with me since I am not always grinning from ear to ear? Do people really not care about the songs that I post on my Instagram stories? Is my friendship really only measured in Snapchat Streaks?

So. To wrap it all up: I think Social Media is pretty cool. But I also think we all need a break once in a while. To breathe, and to remind us where we came from. We come from books and we come from family time. We come from fuji film and face to face communication. We come from imperfections. We all start from somewhere, and I feel for the ones that will grow up not knowing a time when there was no social media. To the few of us that were there in times of no Facebook Messenger and no Snapchat, look at us go! Ugh. It was so good. I already need a cleanse.